FULL BLOWN! strives to push the boundaries of what's musically possible when you have the luxury of playing with the following ingredients:

- A full horn section with a pulsating rhythm section.

- A musical director with decades of experience conducting, arranging and playing music; a distinguished saxophone player and multi-instrumentalist who even ran a music school in Sydney Australia.

- A Grammy® winning producer and singer/songwriter on vocals.

- Gifted musicians whose musical influences span the gamut of genres from big band to smooth jazz to swing to urban classics.

The confluence of all these ingredients and influences and musical experiences contribute to live music sets that are as diverse as the eras that define our music consciousness.

From Sinatra to Buble, Chicago to Earth Wind & Fire, Ides of March to Spiral Starecase, Stevie Wonder to Bruno Mars - FULL BLOWN! seeks to exceed your live music entertainment expectations, and ours as well.

Welcome to the fold FULL BLOWNIES!

horn section

rhythm section

BACK (from left to right)

Dylan Lawrence (trumpet), Kurt Macavinta (tenor sax), Anton Marquinez (tenor sax), Richie Bucci (baritone sax)


James Mcllvaine (alto sax), Jun Javier (Musical Director/Sax/Flute)

Jimby Mcllvaine (keyboards), Alex Castillo (lead guitar), Sal Siciliano (bass), Mike Ruivivar (drums/Band Leader)